GOP failing to follow Bush example

I wonder if any of the Wisconsin Republican senators or representatives, or our Republican governor, considered the irony of their actions as they hurried to pass legislation crippling the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general during the very week that the nation was mourning and honoring President George Herbert Walker Bush, a man who graciously left a letter of support on the desk that would be occupied by the man who had deprived him of serving a second term as president.

I wonder if their conscience had even the slightest twinge as they bulled ahead, assuming that their way of doing things is superior to that of the 54 percent of Wisconsin residents who voted for Democrats to serve in the Legislature but whose wishes were stymied by gerrymandered voting districts intentionally constructed to accomplish the undemocratic result we have in our state today.

I wonder if they will live to rue their actions as they approach their final days and consider what legacy they left behind when given the opportunity to show the same grace and faith that Mr. Bush showed so many years ago.

I wonder if they consider the wisdom delivered to us two millennia ago: “Do to others what you would wish them to do to you.”

James Rapp


Action on climate woes gains steam

Unity. We need it. Both sides preach it.

Now there is legitimate progress toward that goal.

Locally the Eau Claire City Council passed a resolution supporting a carbon fee and dividend. Nationally, recently the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus introduced the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Its sponsors include Republicans Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania and Francis Rooney from Florida.

Ninety members of Congress have joined the Climate Solutions Caucus with equal representation from the two major parties. Compare this to the Tea Party, which has 48 members.

We have united in the response to assist those displaced by increasingly frequent catastrophic events including the fires in California. We must be united in addressing chief causes of these events.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Sen. Ron Johnson and Congressman Ron Kind need to know we support the market-based solutions in the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

This is a tremendous opportunity to help create jobs, protect U.S. manufacturers and leave a habitable planet for our grandchildren. Read the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act for yourself. Call your representative. The time to act is now.

Lang Jacobson

Eau Claire