History provides important lessons

Republicans are already hollering “Oh no, socialism.”

They would lead you to believe that socialism is the same as communism or that creeping socialism will lead to communism, but here is how history refutes both those accusations.

First, here is communism in a nutshell. Karl Marx thought that eventually there would be only a few filthy rich owning all the wealth. The masses would then revolt, destroy the upper class and divide up the wealth and thus create a communist state.

Now, here is how communism was prevented. In the 1930s, Europe was horribly suffering from a worldwide depression. The Communist Party was rapidly growing in popularity and a revolt seemed imminent.

To counteract this threat some of the governments provided aid to the people and reformed the rigged systems that favored the rich. There is a name for that type of legislation and it is called socialism. Seeing that their revolution was being thwarted, ironically, the communist parties joined with the conservative parties to block the reforms. So, as you can easily see, it is not socialistic reforms that will lead to the downfall of capitalism but rather capitalism itself if left unregulated.

Most economists feel that the reason Marx’s predictions never came true is because he failed to foresee such reforms as the graduated income tax, the inheritance tax, the unions, and the growth of the middle class and the regulations democracies would place on big businesses. The fact all of those are being eliminated should scare you; perhaps, even move you a little to the left?

John Ranes

Chippewa Falls