GOP moves ill-advised

Something’s rotten in Wisconsin when there is almost no Republican legislator in the state with the integrity to challenge the desperate, last-minute moves made to hamstring the will of the people.

Elections are supposed to mean something. In this case I think they mean the majority of Wisconsin voters are unhappy with the current administration. That’s why they voted the administration out of office.

Yes, Republicans hold the Legislature. However, I wish they had won it honestly. Instead, they hired a law firm to draw legislative lines in their favor, wrongfully, I believe, imposing the silence of confidentiality on legislators whose work is designed to be open to the public. That court case still has not been decided. I believe the day will come and it will not be in favor of the Legislature.

It’s clear from the raw numbers that more Wisconsin voters chose Democrats. The Republicans in the Legislature don’t appear to care as long as they stay in power. In my mind this is the making of a dictatorship — not in a war, but one little amendment at a time.

What we have now is a naked power grab orchestrated by Mr. Vos — and probably more outside counsel at our expense as well — which reflects very poorly on Wisconsin and its history and culture of the orderly transfer of power.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Republican Party, have you no shame?

Suzon Gordon