Racist remarks cause division

The author cites many reasons our federal government is divided in his column “United we stand? Dream on” in the Nov. 25 Leader-Telegram.

What was missing from the commentary, however, is a mention that we are dealing with a U.S. president who repeatedly makes racist remarks. This was true in particular to Don Huebscher’s remark that “President Donald Trump is right that if we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.” A problem here is that this is a straw man fallacy created by the president himself. It is a straw man because Democrats and Republicans reached consensus that a secure border is important a long time ago.

In his 2016 campaign, Trump famously remarked, without evidence, Mexicans coming across the border are “rapists and murderers.” The issue for Trump wasn’t the border crossing, but that there were these bad people coming across in droves. My point is, Trump isn’t raising a new issue when it comes to a secure boarder — that isn’t why we see such a great division in Congress. We see a great division because the president repeatedly empowers racial hate groups.

Joe Maurer

Eau Claire