City lauded for work on trees, pipes

When I moved to Eau Claire in 1954, the population was about 36,000. Now it’s closer to 70,000. Double.

It was a quiet town and now is anything but. Eau Claire is now the hub, in our area, for medicine, law, banking, business, manufacturing, music and all the arts.

When I came it was a lovely city of arching elms. We lost them and now we are losing our ash trees.

The city of Eau Claire, though, is doing a fine job of helping homeowners replace a dying ash with another tree. We may choose one of several kinds. The city workers who came to take away my dying tree did a fine job of removing, digging a large hole for a new tree, filling the hole with mulch, then planting, staking and watering. I was most grateful and it cost me nothing.

My house was built in 1921, long before lead in pipes was even thought about. I called the city utilities office and, with no delay, a man came to check. Yes, lead from street to house. The city is prepared to pay the homeowners $2,000 toward the removal of lead.

This city cares about many things, and safe drinking water is one of them. The people at City Hall were unfailingly courteous and helpful. I could choose from their list of plumbers. I paid less than $1,000 for my share. The job was done perfectly, and I was more than satisfied with every bit of the job.

For many things, my deep appreciation to my city.

Eleanor Jones

Eau Claire

Those who condemn Trump in the wrong

I can’t believe the number of folks who condemn President Donald Trump.

Back in the 1950s, I remember Otis, who left for Korea a kind, smiley man with a twinkle in his eye. The loudest noises he probably had heard were the pop of a .22 caliber as he shot squirrels or the splash of milk hitting the bottom of a pail as he milked a Guernsey cow. When he returned, he was still a nice guy but the smile and twinkle in his eye were kind of gone.

Back in the 1970s, cousin Larry left for Vietnam as a young Marine and in early December an officer came to the house to inform us of Larry’s death in ‘Nam.

Larry’s brother, Ron, left as a young Marine and was severely wounded by enemy fire but was expected to recover and did. Cousin Richard and uncle Jake both served in the Navy.

Otis was described as “shell shocked,” Larry was dead, Ron was recovering, and Richard and Jake were safe. But you know one thing? Not one word came from them that was negative to our president or our country because they appreciated our USA and respected our president.

Trump and his staff are trying to keep blood off our soil. There is nothing he has done except what he said he would accomplish prior to his election.

Jesus said from the cross just before his last word: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” just before he said, “It is finished.”

I announced the Cleghorn Harvest Fest parade and when the American Legion Auxiliary approached and came to attention with the colors of the USA and state Rep. Warren Petryk, R-town of Washington, sang the national anthem, I thought, “This is truly America.”

Wake up, America.

Bob Traaseth