Bachmann off base

Michele Bachmann says we’ll never see a more godly and biblical president than Donald Trump. She’s right, except she means it in a good way. That’s not the way Trump is godly and biblical.

Bachmann’s God is a jealous god. People must worship him and only him. Others deserve no notice except scorn. Remind you of anybody? Like a president who holds a cabinet meeting so his sycophants can publicly express their adoration? Like a president who scorned his predecessor as an impostor?

Bachmann’s God is a ruthless god against anyone outside his chosen tribe. In I Samuel 15:3, he ordered the Israelites to “utterly destroy all that (their enemies) have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.”

Trump’s chosen tribe is white people. If he could, he would turn machine guns on nonwhite refugees at the border. He does second best and locks them up in cages — both man and woman, infant and suckling babe.

Although he scorns his predecessors, he keeps waging their wars against Muslims. He cannot legally invade Puerto Rico because it is a U.S. territory, so he exploits the afflictions they suffer from the natural disaster of Hurricane Maria.

Nothing Bachmann’s God does is wrong. Destroy almost all living things in a flood? Only right and just. Team with Satan to bankrupt Job, massacre his children and inflict on him unbearable pain? Don’t even think of asking why. Kill all firstborn sons of Egypt? Serves them right for not being chosen.

Like God, Trump claims immunity. He boasts that, if he chose, he could get by with shooting somebody on Fifth Avenue. In praising him for usurping divine immunity for his wrongdoing, Trump’s disciples commit idolatry.

August Rubrecht