Motive a worry

The way to judge a person is by what they do, not what they say.

President Donald Trump gave the religious right two favorable Supreme Court justices. Trump stood by the white supremacists at Charlottesville, Va. Trump gave substantial income tax decreases to the wealthiest among us. He did that for his base — 35 percent of our population.

What has he done for the remaining 65 percent? Trump praised the world’s dictators and distanced us from our democratic allies. He substantially escalated the increase in our national debt. Our debt is now six times greater than our national income. You can’t get a personal mortgage with numbers like that.

Why would he do that? Consider this scenario. Perhaps Trump needs funding for his real estate empire. Eric Trump claims they get all the funding they need from Russia. Perhaps Vladimir Putin and other Russian oligarchs are funding Trump’s real estate empire with large sums of cash. If the oligarchs pull their funding, Trump’s empire disappears.

So, Trump will do whatever they demand and will repay them by giving them access to the USA economy. Follow the money. Skimming only 1 percent off the top of our economy gives Trump and the oligarchs $160 billion-plus a year. The way that is done is by taking over all three branches of government. Trump already has the executive branch. He controls the legislative branch through the threat of primarying any legislator that opposes him. He is in the process of taking over the judicial branch and FBI. Once that is complete, he creates a plutocracy with his family and associates.

Trump needs his base to do that and therefore gives them what they want. Is Trump’s end game the total takeover of the USA economy for his and Putin’s economic gain?

Dale Spatz

Eau Claire

Fears abound

I do not fear new immigrants or mobs of liberals protesting.

I fear white-collar criminals who profit on the backs of ordinary citizens.

I fear loopholes in our laws that allow the most fortunate among us to get away without paying income taxes. I fear the deterioration of moral standards in our leaders.

I fear selfishness and greed. I fear that my own comfort will make it easy to ignore the pain of others.

I fear that I will accept excuses and dishonesty if it benefits me. I fear losing the courage to stand up to corruption and hate.

I fear that I will forget the sacrifice and bravery of the ones who allowed me to sit here and write these words.

Kurt Zemke

Rice Lake