Tough to sympathize

Just wondering, in the past how many non-federal families suffered loss of employment due to downsizing or a company going out of business that did not have back pay?

Some companies gave severance pay. Taxes usually cut it first. Then any kind of help or food stamps available could only be attained after all the severance pay was used up. No job to go back to with back pay, no health insurance ... nothing.

For unemployment there was a lot of wait time and hoops to jump through and then it was only a percentage of what the paycheck use to be. Families had to tough it out and find other work, make a new plan.

I have no sympathy for complaining federal workers who will get back pay and still have a job. It is fake news, a fake compassion play.

Politicians who want to give all sorts of extra money (Sen. Tammy Baldwin) and/or benefits of some kind are just covering the backs of other “federals” (with) cushy, protected jobs. That is our money she wants to give.

The government shutdown was not the same for regular families who lost their jobs. President Trump needs to downsize the government permanently.

It is such a mystery how politicians go into government an “average guy” and come out millionaires. That is one reason to like Trump ... he did not go in to make himself a millionaire.

Rosemary Jepson

Chippewa Falls

Is McConnell afraid?

Recently Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor that the other side — Democrats — wants to make a holiday for voting.

The senator went on to say how much it would cost, thus saying we don’t need it. With that attitude, is he afraid of the reality of the final vote of the people?

Remember Mitch, Republicans also vote.

Mark Warns

Eau Claire