Menard’s influence deserves honor

I was glad to see John Menard honored by UW-Eau Claire with an honorary doctorate degree.

Menard and his company employ 4,500 people in the Eau Claire area, making him a crucial component in the local economy. Thus, any honor bestowed upon him is recognition of his enormous contribution to Eau Claire. He is easily the most important person in our community.

Just as it was sheer luck for Seattle that Bill Gates and Paul Allen were born there, it’s sheer luck for Eau Claire that Menard was born here.

Gary Greenfield

Eau Claire

Not all donations are made public

It looks like a “Voice of the People” contributor, regarding John Menard’s charitable contributions, has an inside track on what is “given back” to our society by our local billionaire.

How does his pastor know what Menard is giving back to society? What about anonymous giving?

The general public doesn’t need to be privy to any and all contributions from our local millionaires. Everyone should be grateful for whatever is given to the many causes out there.

Robert Beine

Eau Claire

Positive, respectful language crucial

Thank you to Don Huebscher for his thoughtful and informative comments on the Leader-Telegram’s Opinion page on April 28.

It takes time and energy to be a leader. We should appreciate their efforts. I agree, our leaders should work together and learn to compromise for the good of our state and nation.

I especially agree with the use of respectful language. We need respect for all workers and respect for all walks of life. We gain by using good language. Calling (people) names and bullying is a very bad example for our children.

Presidents, leaders and others should be addressed properly, no matter which party. Good language helps with civility and shows good use of language to our children. Most people use good language on resumes and in interviews. We certainly should do the same with each other.

Respectful language in the workplace also makes a better day for everyone.

Sylvia Oberle