Change needed at state level

I have discovered after far too many years of having Warren Petryk as my representative that he is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the policies of a power-hungry Republican Party.

His vote during the lame-duck sessions reaffirmed this. Petryk’s campaign ads always stated that he was an “independent” voice in the Legislature. I contacted him and asked him to exercise this independence, but I guess you can say anything you want if you are assured re-election through the onerous gerrymandering of districts.

We elected Tony Evers to undo the damage done to our state by eight years of single-party rule. By protecting their failed policies by weakening the governor’s powers, Petryk has assured me that the will of the people is secondary to the will of the party.

I can hope that the next election will continue the gains of the Democratic majority and maybe even bring hope to the 93rd Assembly District for true representation.

Steve Olinger

Fall Creek