Hoping to get to work for city of Eau Claire

As a citizen of Eau Claire my entire life, and as I enter my senior year at UW-Eau Claire for chemistry, I decided to take a closer look around my hometown and see what can be improved.

The City Council doesn’t have the capacity to fix every problem, but it can administer many quality of life policies that would benefit the most amount of people, in addition to larger issues. With City Council being nonpartisan, that should allow people of all political ideologies to be able to work together to pass legislation.

Washington has too much gridlock as it is, and I am sure we will have even more here in Wisconsin with Gov. Tony Evers on one side, and the Republican state Legislature on the other. Such gridlock does not have extend to the local level.

I am running for an at-large seat on the City Council because I have seen and experienced directly the issues that have most impacted people, especially my age. Climate change, out of control college tuition and apartment rental costs, etc. — all of these are issues that should be addressed, and I believe that I have the capacity to reach across the aisle to come to some common sense solutions.

I humbly ask for your vote on Feb. 19 and then again during the general election on April 2.

Chandler Lorentz

Eau Claire