Roads remain in poor shape

State Highway 25 between Arkansaw and Menomonie is in terrible shape. Long stretches of the highway have broken up in both lanes. It is impossible to dodge all the huge deep potholes.

I wonder where ex-Gov. Scott Walker has spent our gas tax money. Republican corruption ran deep during the Walker administration. Have you seen the picture of Walker with Maria Butina, the confessed Russian spy?

Walker is out of office but still considers himself to be a national figure. Good luck with that notion, Scott.

Gerald Rippley


Reassurance at family gathering?

Recently, I spent time with family and friends as we honored the life of my niece, Terry.

Words can’t explain the sorrow felt by each and everyone. She will be surely missed.

As I was visiting with my nephews, I made note of the appreciation I have for all the relatives that have chosen to excel in the medical field like being EMTs and such. I said with my little problem with my heart, I feel comfort in knowing there are medical staff surrounding me.

My nephew Steve was kind to point out, if things go bad, my niece Joan is a coroner.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley

It never worked in the past

Trickle-down economics has been done under presidents Reagan and Bush and now President Donald Trump.

Our national debt has now hit $22 trillion and $67,000 for every person in America. If this keeps up, by 2028 we will be paying $1 trillion interest on our national debt.

Corporations and billionaires didn’t need more tax breaks. They should be paying more; then we could have money to repair our crumbling infrastructure, which would create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs with excellent benefits.

The Republican Party is taking us down the wrong road.

Dennis Gjerseth