Faith a gift that’s precious

Yes Virginia, there is a God.

Virginia, if you have a fireplace no Santa will come down the chimney even though stockings that adorn the mantel are empty on Christmas Eve yet overflowing on Christmas Day.

Sorry Virginia, if adults let you down by posturing a myth as fact, inadvertently perpetuating the secularization of a sacred day.

The tradition of Santa Claus seems to derive from an abbot, Saint Nicholas, who died circa 342 at Myra in southwest Asia Minor. Nicholas is said to have paid ransom to rescue three maidens whose father sought to profit by selling his daughters, trafficking in promiscuity.

Yet Virginia, Christmas Day commemorates a greater personage than St. Nick, for Jesus Christ, God and incarnate man, was sent by his father as savior of the world.

Through the acquiescence of the Virgin Mary and the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ was conceived and, later, born in Bethlehem.

Herein is the mysterious doctrine of the Trinity. There is one God, but three equally divine persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Virginia, always search for the truth through steadfast prayer, study and rectitude in your experiences of life, for some will seek to lead you astray.

Though we cannot ascertain the exact date of Christ’s birth, Christ’s divinity is the crux of Christian salvific beliefs. That is to say, if persons of faith repent of their sins, Christ’s birth and redemptive death open a portal to everlasting life.

On your earthly journey, Virginia, select a wise adviser and pray for one and all to receive the precious gift of faith.

Karen Trinko

Eau Claire