Questionable support from Wisconsinites

The Leader-Telegram on April 11 reported a poll of Wisconsin residents that revealed support for the legalization of marijuana but not for a minor increase in the fuel tax to rebuild our rapidly crumbling roads and streets.

It seems that in their infinite wisdom Wisconsinites support both pot and potholes.

Steven Majstorovic

Eau Claire

Thanks go out to sanctuary cities

Thank you Racine, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis for volunteering to end our crisis at the southern border by taking all the asylum seekers.

Certainly we should be able to assist the caravans in continuing the refugee exodus to your welcoming cities. If Mexicans can help these refugees across their territory, we should be able to help the migrants make the last few hundreds of miles to your doorsteps.

With this issue finally put to rest, we can move on to other issues important to our citizens. We appreciate the effort that the sanctuary cities are extending to the country.

Willi Cheney

Eau Claire