Presidential overreaction

Chicken Little — “the sky is falling” — is at it again.

The president has labeled a caravan of immigrants in Mexico a national emergency and called out thousands of troops.

A year ago, I had the great pleasure of visiting Ellis Island in New York. On its largest single day, they processed 11,747 immigrants, which was April 17, 1907. That year was the peak for immigration at 1.2 million people coming to America.

In April of that year, New York received 197 separate ships carrying passengers from around the world.

Overall, Ellis Island processed an estimated 5,000 individuals on an average day. That is more than the estimate of the current caravan at the time of this writing. It’s interesting that the documentation with pen and paper more than 110 years ago seemed to do a better job of tracking than today.

I am concerned. It seems like our forefathers (and mothers) were made of sterner stuff. If President Donald Trump is panicking and using fear tactics now, what will happen when we actually have a real national emergency?

Dave Rowe


Is warming Dems’ fault?

During the recent, confusing moment of forward/back clock-setting, let’s revisit its history.

In 1918, Democratic President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Standard Time Act, setting federally mandated time zones across the nation and calling for daylight saving time to begin on March 31.

On Feb. 9, 1942, with the nation engaged in World War II, Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed a year-round DST, calling it “war time.” It ended on the last Sunday in September 1945.

President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, signed into law Daylight Saving Time in 1966 to begin on the last Sunday of April and to end on the last Sunday of October.

With Democrats Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi heading Congress in 2007, Daylight Saving Time was expanded to begin three weeks earlier and end one week later.

Our brave president must now declare that it is no longer a Chinese hoax; what with all that Democrat-delivered surplus sunlight striking the Earth, no wonder we have global warming.

Ray Kondrasuk

Eau Claire