Council should rethink roundabout

I taught and coached at Eau Claire North for 21 years and always felt, even in an intense rivalry, Eau Claire people had a neighborly love and caring mode for one another. Either this City Council hasn’t gotten that or it was persuaded to support the roundabout.

If each council member would have taken time to stand in front of my daughter’s door and living room window on the northwest corner of State and Roosevelt, they would not have like the situation if it was theirs and would have questioned their support for the roundabout.

Roundabouts may work well if there is plenty of room and little pedestrian traffic. This, however, is an older part of town where buildings are close to lot lines. Students walk in the area daily.

My daughter would like to sleep nights instead of worrying about herself or one of her three sons getting killed watching TV in the living room of the home she purposely bought close to the university for school.

It is time for the City Council to bury the roundabout proposal, admit the mistake and take down the stakes so all good people on the corner of State and Roosevelt can once again enjoy life without this kind of stress.

Bill Brehm

Jim Falls

Republicans err on Medicaid expansion

Apparently, our Wisconsin Legislature has a slew of legislators who don’t seem to care if 82,000 Wisconsinites are denied health care coverage. They are known as Republicans.

They rejected the Medicaid expansion plan, which means that not only will 82,000 people be denied coverage under the expansion but Wisconsin will lose $1.6 billion in federal dollars and $324 million in state savings. This is a partisan attack on the will of the people; our lives should not be a political issue, but the Republicans did just that.

Seventy percent of us support Medicaid expansion.

One has to wonder about this alleged wisdom, especially when you learn that most people support Medicaid expansion.

Could it be that the majority party has a secret wish to become the minority party? Well, there are always those people willing to oblige.

John DeRosier

Eau Claire