America is on the wrong path

A few weeks ago, I wrote about trickle-down economics and our $22 trillion debt — the Republican tax cuts that mainly helped billionaires and corporations.

The Koch brothers alone spent $20 million on political ads and lobbyists to pressure Republican lawmakers to slash the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent, and why not, Charles and David Koch will pocket $1.4 billion each year from this dodge. Apple will save $4.5 billion each year, AT&T $2.2 billion, Bank of America $2.4 billion, Walmart $1.6 billion and so on.

It’s sad that greedy billionaires and corporations needed more, and we wonder how we can come up with the money to repair and improve our crumbling infrastructure, which would create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs with excellent benefits.

The Republican Party is taking us down the wrong road.

Dennis Gjerseth