A poor record

When the Republicans took control of Wisconsin’s government, they set to work doing the party’s business, not the people’s:

1. We can no longer vote a single-party ticket.

2. Early voting access was attacked.

3. No recalls of politicians for legislative malfeasance.

4. We can’t easily vote in elections overseen by a nonpartisan Government Accountability Board.

5. Third parties can now coordinate with campaigns.

6. Big money has more influence in our elections; special interests dump millions into our campaigns.

7. Legislation comes from special interests like ALEC, not constituent input.

8. Instead of running on their record, they depend on gerrymandered districts.

9. We have governmental agencies that were the watchdogs of the people’s rights and resources, turned into lapdogs, with right-wing groups like Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce writing their own regulations.

10. Unaccountable voucher schools that don’t play by the same rules as the public schools take more of our property taxes.

11. First Amendment rights are ignored, with vouchers forcing us to pay for other’s religious education.

12. Workers’ rights are attacked to weaken political opposition.

13. Public workers (with exceptions) can’t negotiate for fair compensation.

14. The budgeting process is used to circumvent the legislative process.

15. Taxpayers pay for the state’s partisan attorney general to defend party actions.

16. Publicly elected offices, like the state treasurer, had their powers leeched away and put in the hands of the governor.

17. The Wisconsin Idea was re-written to favor servitude over the pursuit of truth.

18. Local control became secondary to business and industry demands.

None of these things were the people’s business; they were the party’s business. Any Republican that says they are an “independent” voice needs to look at their voting record on these issues.

Steve Olinger

Fall Creek