Texts not the only culprit

We have all seen the flashing signs and commercials about distracted driving and “don’t text and drive.” Definitely a good thing.

How many people know how an ignition interlock works? I always thought a person blows into it, and if they have no alcohol in their system, the car will start ... end of story. I was wrong.

I have been told that once the car is running, the interlock will go off — beeps — randomly. Sometimes as often as every 10 minutes. Makes no difference if you are driving down Interstate 94 or Birch Street, you must pick the thing up and blow into it to keep your car running. If you don’t do it, in a designated period of time, a signal will go off.

Wouldn’t you consider this distracted driving? Yet, we have thousands of people in Wisconsin driving with one of these. I don’t understand why they should have to do this once the car is running. There must be a better way.

Donna Williams

Chippewa Falls

Treatment is ‘exploitation’

The indiscriminate killing and dumping of scores of coyotes on the side of the road in Bayfield County is sickening and despicable. This wasteful exploitation has no place in Wisconsin.

These unfortunate coyotes were destroyed and left next to Old Highway 2 like a pile of garbage. They may be victims of a wildlife-killing contest. These unethical events involve scores of people rampaging around the countryside to kill as many coyotes as possible.

After satisfying their bloodlust, contest participants receive cash or prizes for the animals they’ve killed. This is not the fair chase that most hunters are engaged in — this is trophy killing at its worst.

Wisconsin lawmakers should pass Senate Bill 30 and Assembly Bill 29, which are currently making their way through the Legislature, and ban these barbaric wildlife-killing contests. The integrity of the state’s natural inheritance depends on it.

Collette Adkins