Democrats seem out of luck

Can President Trump be defeated in the 2020 election? The short answer is “yes.” But to do so would require an honorable Democratic Party candidate with moderate political views, good name recognition, lots of Hollywood cash and a coherent message that resonates in middle America. Where might we find one of those?

Obviously you can’t beat somebody with nobody. At the time of this writing there are about two dozen that have declared their candidacy and maybe another half-dozen still exploring the idea. The number of contenders is rising quickly, with each newbie gleefully espousing the merits of socialism and hoping such increasingly radical views will broaden their appeal with the party base.

Assuming the most recent political polls are credible, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are currently leading the pack. But both are white guys and both would be nearing 80 years old by Inauguration Day. That’s two big negatives given the “identity politics” of their party, which is largely focused on finding someone that checks all the appropriate boxes of age, race, gender and sexual orientation.

I conclude there is virtually no chance this current crop of wannabees can make Trump a one-termer. With about nine months until the first presidential primaries and caucuses, there’s still time for the Democrats to find a viable contender. If one still exists.

David Hanvelt

Eau Claire

A conundrum in the workplace

I’m getting fed up with my boss at work.

She thinks I may have done some criminal-type activity and she keeps hounding me.

My friend has some documents that he says prove I did absolutely nothing wrong. My friend has shown my boss a few pages of the documents, but not all of them. My boss wants to see all of the documents.

Although my friend and I claim these documents prove I did nothing wrong, I have told my friend not to show them to her. Or to anyone else.

I know it makes absolutely no sense not to show her all of the documents, but I insist my boss believe me. Unfortunately, my boss is just too smart.

Brian Kriesel