Market manipulation a growing concern

Throughout my life I’ve heard of people being prosecuted for violating the laws against price fixing, insider trading and market manipulation. Never in my life have I seen such a blatant example of violating these laws as now.

Anyone in President Trump’s loop is able to hedge their financial investments on the tweets and tariffs he is suggesting in advance. The stock market reacts to every tweet. It is unbelievable the unlimited amount of money that is being made by this inner circle.

Russia’s farmers are enjoying their newfound China market for their crops at the expense of our American farmers. Imports from Russia have increased to the U.S. and there’s been a rise in the U.S. national debt since the tax break for the rich.

I recently spoke to an owner of a trucking company. He said times aren’t that great in his business, but I think we are on the right path. I asked him what’s on that path that is right. The only thing he could come up with is Trump says times are great and it should be coming this way. Sometimes the fear of the obvious is stronger than the reality of the truth.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley