An approach that has never worked

Trickle-down economics has been done under presidents Reagan, Bush and now President Donald Trump.

Our national debt has now hit $22 trillion and $67,000 for every person in America. If this keeps up, by 2028 we will be paying $1 trillion interest on our national debt.

Corporations and billionaires didn’t need more tax breaks. They should be paying more; then we could have money to repair our crumbling infrastructure, which would create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs with excellent benefits.

The Republican Party is taking us down the wrong road.

Dennis Gjerseth


Bad karma plagues state of Minnesota

One year ago the Minnesota professional sports scene bubbled with optimism and excitement.

The Twins were a playoff team and looked good for the season. The Vikings had been to a championship game. Both the Wild and Timberwolves made the playoffs.

Now one year later everything changed. The Twins were bad and fired their manager. The Vikings were at best mediocre. Both the Wild and Timberwolves were major disappointments and failed to make the playoffs.

My best explanation is bad karma due to sending Ilhan Omar to Congress.

David McCall

Eau Claire