President’s record not too impressive

President Donald Trump says he always wins. Oh, really? Going bankrupt six times and losing a billion dollars back in the 1980s and ‘90s doesn’t sound like a winner to me.

So now Trump is going to show China. Well, good luck to that. Twenty-five percent tariffs on Chinese goods will show them.

The problem with that is in the U.S. the people can buy just about anything that the retailers offer. Meanwhile in China, the powers that be control all imports and they can pick and choose who or what to block. So soybeans is a good target.

China doesn’t need our beans; Brazil is an eager market. An Iowa bean farmer said, “Yes the tariffs will hurt his bottom line” but he still plans to vote for Trump. Think about this for a second. The author of a policy that could ruin your business gets your vote?

Trump says China will pay the cost of the tariffs. Like Mexico will pay for the wall.

Trump likes to brag about his economy. Thanks to Barack Obama, he has one. Remember how Obama pumped billions of dollars into the system over the objections of the GOP Congress fellows? The GOP wanted to allow the auto industry to go belly up.

Trump bragged the other day how he has had a hand in lowering the unemployment rate more than any other president in history. Another Trump gaff. Under Obama the unemployment rate went from 10 down to 4 percent; under Trump unemployment has dropped from 4 to 3.2 percent.

Well, he can say things like that and get away with it when he has the backing of people like bean farmers.

John Fadness

Chippewa Falls

Celebrating season the right move

I wish to offer my “congrats” to Aaron Rose for his Leader-Telegram sports article on May 16 titled “Valuable lessons.”

This was a review of the nearly completed 2019 season for the Eau Claire Regis girls softball team.

Yes, they had just about faced every adversity a team could encounter in a winless season.

I feel that Regis head softball coach Jim Deignan may have awarded each one of his 12 softball players a more “valuable” varsity letter than an “R” for the season. This would have been a letter “C” for building character.

Glen Volkman

Eau Claire