Government moves are ill-advised

What has your government done for you lately?

Government has given us a no-call list, but it is not enforced or penalized, so usage has grown considerably.

They also have given us digital TV instead of analog, but the digital signal is shorter range, so if you are using an antenna, you probably are receiving a quarter to a third less stations. Probably costs satellite and cable companies a lot of money.

We have had NICS — federal background checks — for a long time, as stupid as it is. To my knowledge, no crime has ever been solved and no crime has ever been prevented using background checks, but it gives some people a false sense of security. Now I find Wisconsin has a duplicate background check paid for by the gun buyer — making it nothing more than a state tax.

Elected people: Let’s get rid of it before other states find out and make Wisconsin the laughing stock of the nation because of it.

James Lind

Eau Claire

Community will miss Gordy’s

Well, the big blue sign is gone from the side of the store, so it must be true —Gordy’s is gone.

What a loss to the community. For over 50 years Gordy’s has been giving to and supporting our community in both direct and indirect ways. Not only did they directly support many organizations, they allowed their facilities to be used for the benefit of many nonprofit groups. They always seemed to have some program going that allowed community organizations to raise funds, thereby benefiting the greater community.

Who among us does not remember running in to the store to pick up something and seeing veterans selling poppies, Girl Scouts selling cookies, Salvation Army bell ringers, or some other group raising money for a worthy cause? On behalf of all those organizations and the people they were able to serve, I want to say thanks.

Gordy’s may be gone, but the good they did in our community will live here forever. Thanks, Gordy’s.

CW King

Chippewa Falls