Opportunity presents itself at Shopko Plaza in Eau Claire

As the years have passed, Eau Claire residents have watched the Shopko Plaza disintegrate. Shopko will soon be gone, leaving a prime piece of real estate.

Nearby are Mayo and Marshfield Clinic medical institutions.

UW-Eau Claire has a deteriorating Phillips Science Hall.

Rather than building a new science building on lower campus on a piece of property that could be subject to flooding, Blugold Real Estate should work with the owners of the Shopko Plaza and the nearby medical institutions to purchase that property and build a 22nd century science and medical campus.

There is very little advantage to building a science building on lower campus, which has nowhere to go but up and has terrible access and parking options.

It would be encouraging to see the university and other locals come together and take a pause and re-examine what a 22nd century property should look like.

Your children matter and their future should be molded by people who are thinking beyond the next 10 years.

Vince Pernsteiner

Chippewa Falls