Support for legal pot questioned

It’s no secret that I oppose the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. I’ve written before on the dangers of cannabis, and I stand by that research.

Another problem exists in this whole process. The reporting on the referendums has been misleading. We are told that the majority of people who voted on this referendum want the legalization. That is true. However, we are not told that this referendum question only appeared on the ballots in 16 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin. Now, maybe it would have passed in all 72, but it is not fair to the public when the media reports that the majority are in favor of this. What if, just what if, those other counties would have voted against it?

I may be wrong, and if so, someone is sure to correct me, but I have searched for the referendum results and the number of counties involved. We need to do our homework before we assume that the majority are in favor of legalizing marijuana. We could be allowing the minority to introduce something into our society that is harmful — and that we do not want.

We cannot make an educated decision on these issues if we are only given partial truths — or facts that are skewed to make a point.

Sheila Wilkinson

Eau Claire