Buttigieg could be answer to Trump

I happened to catch a CNN town hall appearance by “Mayor Pete” recently. He continues to impress me as an agile, sharp-witted and gifted candidate. I especially enjoyed watching his enthusiasm as he addressed audience questions. He behaved as if problem-solving was a treat. He bit into each answer as if he’d just tasted the most wonderful possibility. He spoke as if he were seeing a vision he was eager to help bring forth.

I think he would make a magnificent president. The question, of course, is whether he could defeat President Donald Trump. In my estimation, that depends largely on whether crudeness and cruelty have displaced civility and morality in our political arena. What kind of a fight are voters looking for in the ring? Can intelligence stand up against an opponent who plays dirty and whose fans want to see blood, not ideas? Is intelligence tough enough to win against an assault of lies and debasement? Does size matter here? If so how is it gauged?

The stone has not yet been flung that can topple the Goliath that is Trump. Can Buttigieg be David for us?

I have faith that he could be because of what I read in his eyes in a special moment that aired. He had been asked about how he copes with his homosexuality. As he was delivering his answer, he looked out at his husband, Chasten, with a tenderness and joy that shone as no lie can ever do, no matter how shiny.

I saw humaneness and courage there, too, virtues I want to think most Americans look for in a champion. I’d like to see us rally behind him. He comes from obscurity, but so did David. What mattered was the aim David took, trusting in forthrightness and skill.

Michael Doran