Park should be named for veterans

As a U.S. Air Force/Vietnam veteran, I am of the opinion that those people who object to this property space being named for veterans are very unpatriotic and are in need of some education.

Naming this park after the Wisconsin veterans who gave their lives so those that can protest and care not for those of us that served in the U.S. armed forces while they can enjoy their freedoms of choice as it is written in the Constitution should read a little closer to what is written therein.

We who served our country should not have to beg for a piece of land.

Larry Motzer

Eau Claire

Return Wilson Park to former glory

In recent years, Eau Claire has enjoyed the Christmas lights in Wilson Park and also the water fountain.

For reasons I don’t understand, we no longer have this wonderful scenery. Please bring these back to Wilson Park.

I’m sure this isn’t the only park that has seen apparent cutbacks. Although they seem very minor to the city, they actually give a lot of joy to people.

Not happy.

Thressa Greene

Eau Claire