Reasonable numbers sought for new post

On May 15, the Leader-Telegram published an article about a social work position at our county library. The vote to support these positions was indeed close and opposition came in part on account of what some saw as the “activist” agenda of the then council make up.

To call this initiative new is not correct. Other agencies offer various forms of “walk in” support. This initiative, however, appears to be, except for the location, exactly what Omne Clinic started about 12 years ago. A social worker was hired, 40 hours a week, in a central location downtown. The program was made possible by generous support of Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire.

The social worker at the library, as the article reads, sees about one to two persons a day and spends the rest of the day “researching other programs.” The Omne program also started out with minimal attendance. For many months efforts were made to “spread the word” but after one year the contact increases were minimal with the data being skewed because a good portion of the visits were repeat contacts from just a few clients.

No matter who has the courage to try to do outreach of this kind, there will always be another sentiment that “people fall through the cracks.” I support this program and recognize that it has unique location advantages. While I hope it will be a success, we, as taxpayers, should expect accountability in numbers.

The Omne target for a full-time position was, conservatively, set at 17 visits per week with adjusting for repeat visits of high users. Assuming the funding will be reviewed next year, a benchmark like that should be considered.

Anton Smets

Eau Claire

Eau Claire education reporter will be missed

I would like to recognize and thank Samantha “Sami” West, who has been our area’s education reporter and is now leaving our region to work at the Appleton Post Crescent.

Sami has provided a fine public service to our community during her time as a reporter at the Leader-Telegram. During my year as ECASD board president, I came to know Sami well and we spoke quite frequently. I enjoyed working with Sami because she always wrote full and meaningful stories for our district’s residents, no matter how difficult the subject. I especially appreciate how Sami told important stories about so many of our community’s children and families.

Through her work in Eau Claire, I have observed that Sami has a sharp sense of humor and a keen understanding of how to communicate our area’s most pressing issues. Above all else, I have seen Sami’s commitment to the role of a strong press within a healthy democracy. After all, our communities only function properly when we ask the tough questions and hold our “grown ups” accountable.

Eau Claire’s loss is truly the Fox Valley’s gain. Thank you, Sami.

Joe Luginbill

Eau Claire school board

In agreement with local letter-writer’s position

I want to thank a recent writer for his letter, “Addressing the ultimate put-down.”

I could not agree more with that letter. When we, as a nation, put animals ahead of humanity, something is tragically wrong.

I was discussing this letter after church when a friend of mine said that we have really fallen off the “edge.” My comment is that we are so far off the edge that we can no longer see it.

For those readers who have not read the letter, let me summarize: The city of Austin, Texas, has banned the euthanizing of unwanted or stray animals. These cities are referred to as “no kill” cities. This same city has legalized abortions. This is a no kill city? Need I say more?

Considering the recent Mother’s Day, I wonder how many supporters of abortion are thankful that their mothers did not have an abortion?

Bernard Minerath

Eau Claire

Hillary Clinton deserving of ongoing investigations

A writer appears to support the dropping of the Hillary Clinton investigations.

This woman is guilty of so many crimes that it would be ludicrous to stop the investigations. If Hillary is not charged with any crimes then no person should be arrested for any crime they commit.

She has used her power to avoid being prosecuted for over 20 years and the Obama administration had James Comey change the wording of the charge of using an unsecured server to protect her from being arrested. She is not above the law and needs to be charged along with many others.

We need justice to prevail.

Jerome Wolcott


Keep an eye out for orders to fly flags at half staff

I see our governor’s orders do not reach everyone such as the Post Office, American Legion, hospital and many others about lowering the flag to half staff in memory of fallen police officers. I see our president got on the ball for Wednesday.

I subscribe to an email notice from the Department of Military Affairs (

Russell Kaul

Eau Claire