Political ‘survey’ biased in nature

Our household recently received a “survey” from state Rep. Jesse James, R-Altoona, addressed to constituents in the 68th Assembly District.

The clearly politically biased survey included among other examples: “More than 1 in 5 people in Wisconsin receive welfare benefits. Governor Evers’ budget puts more people on welfare, spends more dollars on welfare programs ... Do you support increased government spending to put more people on welfare?”

No matter what issue was addressed nor how complex the problem, the full range of responses was confined to “yes” or “no.” Putting aside the loaded term “welfare” (and understanding the buzzword welfare is designed to appeal to a particular set of voters), but also understanding that it includes those citizens who have disabilities or are otherwise marginalized and are either unable to work or who are far less likely to be employed due to discrimination.

Educated voters understand that nearly every problem our state faces requires a nuanced and in-depth knowledge as well as compassion and a bipartisan approach in order to resolve for the common good.

We are confused as to the benefit of a survey that did not include even a single question about health care (the number one concern in our state), the benefit of expanding BadgerCare, which is supported by 70 percent of citizens, or on the problem of our unconstitutionally gerrymandered districts.

One thing we are not confused about is that we do not want our tax dollars going toward this type of loaded questioning.

Barb and Karl Wise

Chippewa Falls