Trump’s approval ratings not so good

A letter to the editor on April 7, titled “Much going well under Trump,” states, “It is refreshing to see an article that explains part of why President Trump’s approval rating is so good.”

This writer ignores the fact that Trump’s approval ratings are historically low compared to other presidents’ approval ratings. Trump’s ratings are in the 40s and even going down to the 30 percentiles, touching the rock bottom of his core supporters.

The editorial writer is probably in the “Trump TV” media bubble with Sean Hannity and other right-wing celebrities on Fox “News” aka Fox “Propaganda.”

It would be great if the Leader-Telegram published a list comparing the current and previous presidents’ yearly approval ratings to give readers like him some perspective. Hopefully he would still then be reading the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

James Hoeppner

Eau Claire

Having the courage to serve

Thanks to the Cramer family — Scott, Lesa and Ryan — for making “High School to Heroes” happen.

What a fine recognition of young men and women who are choosing to serve their country in a military career. Thanks also to the Leader-Telegram for printing it on a recent front page.

My family has always served; my grandpa, father, brothers, cousins and my husband‘s family did as well. When we were first married my husband was in the Air Force and our son was born at a military hospital in France. So even he belonged at a young age.

My grandson will soon graduate in Shoreview, Minn., and has already joined the Army ROTC. It would be great if they had a celebration like this there as well.

This will be a fitting acknowledgement of these young people’s courage and citizenship. I hope this event happens every year.

Dorothy Westermann

Eau Claire