An unimpressive Democratic field

If someone were to film a documentary about this current covey of Democratic Party presidential candidates, they’d probably call it “Fifty Shades of Idiocy.”

Have you ever seen such a menagerie of misfits in your entire life? Seven senators, four congressmen, one former congressman, three mayors, two governors, one former governor, two businessmen, one former VP, one former HUD official and Oprah’s spiritual adviser.

All are overly ambitious for sure and all are eagerly seeking an endorsement from former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rather than Barack Obama. What does that tell us?

The likelihood that any of these current contenders will defeat our incumbent president is practically nil. That leads me to believe the Democrats’ best chance lies in a person still off the radar. Though I pray every day that the Dems will be dumb enough to run Hillary Clinton again, that’s not likely to happen either.

First off, don’t be misled by the early polling. It is always wrong. The first national polls after well-known entrepreneur Donald Trump announced his candidacy had him at 1 percent and about 67 percent of Republicans said they would never vote for him. So when you see current polls claiming that Joe “Gaffe & Grope” Biden is the leading candidate at about 32 percent, understand that means about 68 percent would prefer someone else to be their candidate.

In our entire history only three “sitting senators” have become president. For any of the seven senators to beat Trump they’d have to overcome some big odds. For any of these 23 Democratic hopefuls to beat an incumbent would be equally rare; that’s only happened three times since World War II.

In short, I’d suggest the Dems keep looking. They ain’t gonna get it done with this bunch of bozos.

David Hanvelt

Eau Claire