Courage key for Closs

We are all elated that Jayme Closs has been found and our prayers answered.

After watching the live press conference, I found myself shaking my head, with all these law agencies patting each other on the back. The fact of the matter is although they did a good job of keeping the case forefront and accelerating community optimism, they did little to actually find this young lady. It was the courage and resourcefulness of Jayme Closs that busted her loose.

She escaped just 66 miles from the crime scene, yet the dozen or so law agencies had no idea. In my opinion they didn’t do their due diligence and complete their job. In the meantime Jayme endured 88 days of sheer terror. One has to wonder whether they could track down a three-toed sloth after a fresh snowfall.

I believe there should be an investigation into the investigation of this horrible incident.

Let’s all rejoice that Jayme is safe and hope the trauma heals quickly.

Mark Steuding

Eau Claire

Gun issues overlooked

In his speech last week, President Trump finished the last section detailing the horrible murders of a few American citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants. They were tragic, and they were all true.

What he will never say is that last year nearly 40,000 U.S. citizens were killed because of gun violence committed by U.S. citizens. What is more, the very violence he wants us to be so afraid of (terrorists and thugs coming in from Mexico and Central America) is being fed by the sale of guns from the U.S. to these very same countries.

Carter Smith

Eau Claire

A need to plan ahead

Federal workers should plan for government shutdowns much the way people in defense jobs held a six-month reserve fund in case of downsizing.

During the peace dividend days after the USSR failed they increased their reserve to one year. Most of us who toiled in the private sector also dealt with the certainty that there will be uncertainty.

Such is life on the planet. You need a “Plan B.”

Bob Jorgenson

Eau Claire

A moment of clarity?

My latest edition of “Strange and Bizarre Political Spin” is awarded to state Sen. Duey Stroebel, R-Saukville, and his concern for Gov.-Elect Tony Evers’ pick to head the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Craig Thompson.

Stroebel said “I want to ensure the public can rely on a fair and transparent system free of favoritism.” Stroebel voted “yea” for SB 148 Legislative Redistricting on July 20. 2011.

I wonder when his moment of clarity came to him? Maybe Nov. 6, 2018?

Tom Davenport

Eau Claire