Mueller report findings disturbing

Since we all helped pay for it, I bought a copy of the Mueller report.

One side says it doesn’t say anything and the other says it does. I wanted to see for myself.

It only takes a couple pages of the actual report to realize, and frighteningly so, how close we are getting to losing our republic; how close we are getting to destroying our Constitution.

I can’t understand how people who claim to be such patriots don’t stand up and say something. I’m thinking the majority of people haven’t bothered to look into it themselves and are just relying on the political pundits or the internet to tell them what to think.

We have such a rich nation, made up of diverse cultures, faiths and colors. No, we don’t all agree on everything, but it is that diversity of thought that makes us great. We should be able to talk things out and come up with solutions that will benefit everyone, not just the privileged few. If we can’t do that, if our branches of government can’t do that, then we are lost.

Is the 2020 election going to be our last free election? This should worry all U.S. citizens — Republican, Democrat and independent, Christian and non-Christian alike.

Denise Meacham


A welcome time to give thanks

I love everything about the Memorial Day parade: the patriotism, the marching bands, the Tin Lizzies, and watching my young grandson diving for candy thrown towards him.

But this year, due to the weather, the gaiety was gone, and it just hit me that the somberness made it even more meaningful to me. Before the parade started, our Gold Star mother walked around the parade gathering spot and thanked spectators for coming out. During the parade route she sits in a beautiful turquoise convertible and waves to us. This time she walked the route, holding an umbrella, and greeting people as she walked by.

All these men and women in uniform, some carrying flags, walked in the cold rain in tribute to our fallen servicemen and women. I have an uncle, Leon McGaver, from Fairchild who was killed in Okinawa, and despite the weather, he was being honored for his service by these fine people marching past me.

Thank you all for your service.

Jean Wiesen

Eau Claire