Board position on donation a ‘safe’ one

For some time, the common theme for the Eau Claire school board has been all decisions must be “equitable” and “fair.”

In reality, it’s very difficult for most decisions the board makes to be equitable and fair for both of our public high schools. The needs of the district ebb and flow as sometimes North has a greater need and sometimes Memorial has a greater need.

Recently, the Leader-Telegram published an objective article stating the stark differences and advantages that athletic facilities at North have over those at Memorial. In fact, there is evidence the Memorial facilities are unsafe.

The board needed to do right by Memorial on this one, especially with the $1.2 million private donation on the table. Board leadership has prioritized the development of community private-public partnerships, and here it was. The board had the opportunity to establish this goal as reality and pioneer the trend for additional private donations.

Instead, they wrestled with and discussed since January only to come to a safe decision on the very last day of the offer. They can say they accepted it, but only with contingencies that led the anonymous donor to remove the offer.

I am dismayed that our board’s focus to achieve complete — 100 percent of the time — equity and fairness is actually causing a greater divide in our community over public education. An old adage is, “You do not let perfect become the enemy of good.”

These unnamed donors were working to do good and were rejected in the quest for perfection.

John Moskal

Eau Claire

Involvement key in state of Israel

No nation on earth has, in our lifetime, grown in size the way the state of Israel has.

It is time for our country to use its influence to curb and reverse this trend, rather than to enable it. The facts that it is hard to do, unlikely to succeed or that ethnicity and religion are at its core must not cause good people to just stand by while it happens.

An Israeli woman in a recent interview said that the Bible gave Jews the right and the responsibility to live on the land, without addressing what “the land” consists of. This kind of thinking was at the heart of the European barbarism that caused our ancestors to flee the incessant warfare for the uncertainty of the new world.

The idea that a holy book gives this or that people “the deed to the ranch” was, and still is, the most vile form of religious malpractice. It must be resisted by good people everywhere.

Dan and Mary Fisher

Eau Claire

Return of color comics applauded

What a happy surprise to see the Sunday color Comics back.

Thank you for being responsive. Thank you.

We enjoy them.

Bob Padock