Please step on the gas while merging

I am writing this to voice my disappointment in following drivers who only accelerate to 40 mph when using an on-ramp to enter an expressway or other four-lane highways.

The traffic on the highways are traveling 65 to 75 mph. Entering at 40 mph creates a hazard, causing drivers to veer into the left lane if there is room or applying their brakes to avoid a collision. A driving instructor in California told me that your speed on the on-ramp entry should be equal to the speed of the traffic allowing you to move into traffic safely and smoothly.

Also, entering the highway at 40 mph backs up cars behind you creating a greater danger when they enter as a group. Please pay attention when you are driving.

Jerome Wolcott


Setting president up for a fall

I think Democrats should concentrate on the House and Senate in 2020 and allow Republicans to give President Donald Trump a second term because you know the first thing he’s going to do is demand a bill repealing the presidential term limit.

Then, as soon as he signs that, we impeach him out of office and re-elect Barack Obama.

Jim Hazelton

Eau Claire