Lane deserving of support in election

As an attorney and resident of Chippewa County, I am writing to express my support for Ben Lane as a candidate for Chippewa County circuit court judge.

I have personally worked with Ben on cases over the years and have found him to be a diligent advocate for his clients. His experience as a general practice attorney is comparable to Judge Steve Cray, which will provide familiarity to the diverse range of cases he will handle as a judge. He is impartial. He listens to all sides before he is ready to make decisions. He is knowledgeable and makes fair and reasoned conclusions when deciding cases as a court commissioner. He is a personable and temperate person.

These are the qualities we all want to see in a judge. I urge Chippewa County residents to vote for Ben Lane on April 7.

Michael Salm

Chippewa Falls

Support for President Trump unwarranted

Just because you are a Republican does not mean you have to like President Donald Trump.

If there was a person also to run as a Republican for president who is not afraid of Trump, I would probably vote for him.

I know Trump thinks he is above the law. He might as well release a few more crooks into the system. If they are in jail, they must belong there.

Trump is out of control.

Judy Pendergast