Time to make some improvements

Wake up Republicans. We are no longer under the repressive regime of former Gov. Scott Walker.

We need to repair the damage done. It is going to require more tax money because not enough was collected under Walker. His theme of “no new taxes” might just as well have been labeled “down with education, down with our roads, down with health care, down with the DNR.” Now all of these entities need to be upgraded, restored to pre-Walker levels and in many cases improved from where they were 10 years ago.

All of these things cannot be done on the same dollars that we had 10 years ago. Inflation alone has depleted their worth greatly. It’s easy to sit back and claim that the Democrats are famous for raising taxes.

Yes, it is true in this case because Republicans were not up to the task of doing the things that needed to be done when they were in power. A place to start is to take the Medicaid funds from the federal government we have been refusing for so long. We have already lost over a billion dollars we could have used. If we take the payment this year, we can have over 80,000 more families covered by good insurance. Why shouldn’t we be getting federal dollars back like 39 states are already doing?

If you think our roads aren’t in miserable shape, just take a ride anywhere to confirm how badly they are in need of repair.

Another issue is global warming. Quit following the lead of our 19th century president. A million species are in danger of extinction if we keep going the way we have. And one of those species is us humans. We have to get going in the right direction before it is too late.

Dale Crisler

Rice Lake