Support ‘The People’s Budget’

Foremost in the hearts and minds of the Eau Claire Association of Educators and the Eau Claire Area School District is the growth of our students. Our community’s youth, both current and future, are our greatest resource. As educators, we embrace the responsibility the citizens of Eau Claire have given us. We take to heart the concept that all students will succeed. It is frustrating to see our students’ futures impacted due to politics.

The budget process began with Gov. Tony Evers holding listening sessions across the state. The doors were open for all citizens to share their thoughts and concerns in these sessions. “The People’s Budget” is a budget developed by the people of Wisconsin for the people of Wisconsin. When it was presented to the Joint Finance Committee, it came under attack and the vast majority of it was deleted or substantially reduced. The JFC ignored recommendations of its own Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding and voted along party lines to cut $900 million from the governor’s budget.

As educators, how do we tell a child or a family that because of their ZIP Code they get less funding for their public education? Why are students who receive private school vouchers seeing larger funding increases than students in public schools? Why does the JCF want to only partially fund public school special education?

Our children face many challenges today; funding for great public schools should not be one of them. We ask that you demand that our Legislature pass The People’s Budget. Our children deserve better and we will work tirelessly so all students receive fair school funding to help them succeed.

Please stand with the Eau Claire Association of Educators and the Eau Claire Area School District in support of The People’s Budget.

Mark Goings

ECAE president

Mary Ann Hardebeck

ECASD superintendent

Missed points in Trump letter

A response to the letter, “Economic indicators support Trump.”

The writer asked for responses to Trump’s listed accomplishments. Here they are:

1. Employment 3.6 percent. Lowest in history. Really? How about 3.5 percent in 1969 and 3.6 in 1970.

2. Inflation: Lowest in history. You appear to have forgotten 0.7 percent in 2015, 0.8 in 2014, 1.5 in both 2013 and 2015 and 1.8 in 2018.

3. Gross domestic product: Heading toward 2 or 3 percent. Excellent. Not so fast. GDP is total government spending plus total private spending — the sum of exports minus imports. Normally, GDP would increase by the sum of population increase and inflation. You can increase that rate by increasing government spending, which is what Trump has done. For 2018, GDP increased 5.7 percent while the national debt increased 6.2 percent. Is that an accomplishment? When national debt increases faster than GDP the country becomes less wealthy.

4. 5. and 6. More Americans, women, black people employed than ever before. How rare is that? The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows only 7 years out of the past 55 that the civilian labor force decreased from the prior year. People employed is not a function of who is president. It’s a function of population increase. Every year there are more people creating a need for more stuff. That creates jobs and employs more people.

7. Stock market at record levels. Economic performance should be measured from the president’s first annual budget through his last. For Donald Trump that began Oct 1, 2017. Through June 14, 2019, the annual DJIA increase was 9.6 percent. For eight years Obama averaged +17.1 percent and Bill Clinton averaged +18.7 percent.

Trump’s just not that great.

Dale Spatz

Eau Claire