A faulty take on science

When a woman wants to end a pregnancy through abortion (killing the baby within her) she is told by the medical community, “It’s not a baby, just a glob of tissue.”

When a woman wants to be pregnant she is told by the medical community, “It’s a baby! Listen to the heartbeat, look at the arms and legs; the baby is healthy and growing well.”

Are both of these responses medically and scientifically accurate?

What if the woman who has been told the “baby is healthy and growing well” decides (for whatever reason) she no longer wants to be pregnant. Does the same medical community now say, “It’s not a baby anymore, just a glob of tissue”? Perhaps they will say, “We only pretended the glob of tissue was a baby because you wanted her.”

Is that a medical and scientific statement? Does the woman carrying the baby decide if it is a new, separate, living human being? What kind of science is that?

What if the woman, who wanted the baby but changes her mind, heads to Planned Parenthood to have them kill the child, but encounters people on the sidewalk who remind her that abortion kills a child and she changes her mind again? Does the essence and identity of the baby change every time the mother changes her mind?

This unnecessary anti-science confusion can all be cleared up with a little honesty. Pro-abortion people need only admit that yes, that new life in the womb is a separate living person and that the mother has the right to kill that baby.

The reason we have yet to see such honesty is because everyone knows how disgusting and evil it is to kill innocent babies.

Pastor Sam Faust