Support for Terry Weld

I support Terry Weld for City Council president.

Terry is a man of integrity and dedication to our city. He is also a respected Realtor in Eau Claire. He has helped many people buy or sell houses for 18 years. He knows all of the neighborhoods in the community and understands what residents need and want.

Through his experience as a Realtor and property manager, Terry also understands the current housing shortage in the city and surrounding area. In this time when demand for healthy and affordable housing for all of us exceeds supply, Terry will help lead the city toward the best approaches to addressing the problem.

In addition to his real estate expertise, Terry served on the Plan Commission for six years and chaired it for the last three. There are a number of planning and zoning changes that could be made to help encourage housing redevelopment and new multi-housing construction. Terry has listed smart changes that he supports such as reducing lot size, parking requirements and adjusting building setbacks. He has the leadership skills to make these changes happen.

Providing affordable and safe housing is a goal for the Eau Claire community. Weld is the person to lead this effort. Vote for Terry Weld for City Council president on April 2.

Todd Schwartz

Eau Claire

Mailboxes need attention

Many years ago I worked as a substitute mailman one summer. I learned that not all mailboxes are created equal. Until you have driven a route, you have no idea how hard it is to get mail into many mailboxes due to their heights, leaning conditions, ruts in the road, etc.

There is no doubt everyone is thoroughly sick and tired of shoveling snow this winter, but as I drive around I see many mailboxes that need a little more attention. It’s one thing to walk up to your mailbox, but try driving up to your own mailbox and then driving away. Most of the time more snow needs to be removed so the mail carrier can have a safe approach and drive away without driving through a snow bank.

A huge thank you to all the mail carriers who through rain, sleet, hail and snow deliver our mail. You are appreciated.

Mari Krenz

Eau Claire

Calling for consistency

For years, Republicans chanted their mantra, “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!,” when they believed that Hillary Clinton had committed crimes. Never proven, of course, but in their minds, allegations were all that mattered.

Now Trump may have committed crimes. We’re still waiting to see if there’s evidence of crimes committed, but there are mountains of allegations. If it’s proven that Trump committed crimes, will those same Republicans say “Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!”? Are are they going to come up with excuses as to why the laws should apply to Clinton but not to Trump?

James Kaufman