Despite what you hear, our president is on right track

I have been reading a lot of garbage publications from this state and throughout our nation for many years and broadcast programs to keep informed.

But I wonder: Where is the truth in all the fake news and socialist propaganda machinery. There are still good newspapers and broadcast programs, but they are a minority.

I am glad I received a real education in a one-room school house where the teacher showed a desire to educate the students so they would excel after they left her charge. Today's education system is filled with people pushing a socialist/liberal indoctrination agenda. It shows itself at our prestigious universities, and I have been at several and have seen the resulting product (people graduating bereft of common sense and the ability to fend for themselves), many waiting for entitlements (free this, free that, etc.).

The smartest person I knew did not graduate from the eighth grade. He said nothing is free; somebody has to pay for it.

I came to this country at the age of 9 speaking no English from war-torn Europe with my parents, who miraculously survived both Hitler and Stalin, then had to start life over again. We came legally, having to wait 10 years to come to the greatest country in the world. My father spoke seven languages when we came and had to learn English.

Many of our actors, athletes, musicians, corporate leaders and politicians live in an untenable bubble (they make way too much money and have little common sense).

My father, before he died on March 23, 2013, predicted that Donald Trump would be our next president. The left — socialist, liberal, progressives — are hellbent on destroying everything of value.

We have a great president now. God bless America. In God we trust.

Chris Kulinski


Landfill deal should take neighborhood into account 

Let's make Eau Claire a good, safe place to live for everyone.

Encourage the Seymour Town Board, City Council, city officials and County Board to find a fair and balanced solution to the problems the Seven Mile Creek neighborhood faces daily from Advanced Disposal's landfill operation.

Tell them to improve conditions, compensate and protect the residents in the Seven Mile Creek neighborhood from the negative impact of living with a landfill in our backyard.

With the committee's help, a contract more favorable to residents could help Advanced become a little bit better neighbor.

Kathy Campbell

Eau Claire

Next year's perfect vision should be celebrated

In the Chinese culture, the years are named Year of the Snake, Year of the Ox, Year of the Horse, Year of the Pig, etc.

This next year (2020), we should name it the Year of the Optometrist.

Duward Peterson

Eau Claire