Eau Claire North lauded

Last week I attended the high school girls basketball game with our River Falls Wildcats playing at Eau Claire North.

I experienced a very positive school climate at North. I was impressed with the student talent and energy of the pep band, dance team, players, coaches and fans. Even the building was well maintained and inviting.

This tells me that there are a lot of students, parents, faculty, staff and administration working well together to develop this positive school climate. Here in River Falls on Dec. 4, your boys team and fans displayed the same positive energy.

I am always proud of how our own students and the community act in a positive and responsible way. This is also true in many of our regional school districts, but I thought that Eau Claire North was exemplary and deserved a shout out. Congratulations. Keep up the great work and enjoy the climate you have created.

Jerry Boock

River Falls