Letter-writer misses point

A reply to the Feb. 24 “Not what Jesus Christ had in mind” letter to the editor.

What do “grossly overpaid” wages paid to baseball, football, basketball players, actors, rock stars and country music stars have to do with Christ dying on a cross? A Christian believes that Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose from the dead to redeem sinful man. The “grossly overpaid” various vocations have nothing to do with Christ dying on a cross.

How wealthy individuals dispense of their wealth is not related to Christ’s redemptive work. The greed and selfishness, which may be present, is the result of the actions of this sinner, not because Jesus Christ died on a cross. What record, movie, rock star and country singers’ producers wish to pay their performers is totally separate from how I may feel about Jesus Christ and his redemptive work.

Jesus had “us” in mind when he died on the cross, not the way we treat our entertainers of the day.

Robert Beine

Eau Claire