Commercial tobacco bill a great idea

I was thrilled to see that Wisconsin is considering raising the purchase age for commercial tobacco products. This would help kids stay vape-free, cigarette-free and free of all the commercial tobacco products that we know to be harmful to their health (and sometimes, the health of those around them).

It is important to differentiate between two types of tobacco — sacred tobacco and commercial tobacco. Sacred tobacco is used by Native American communities in ways that support their culture and religion; commercial tobacco is made and marketed by giant corporations that profit from products that destroy people’s health.

Please contact your legislators today to tell them you support this bill for the health of our kids and communities.

Katie Wilson

Eau Claire

Presidential phrase gives wrong message

Would someone please help Donald Trump with a quick language lesson? He keeps stating that he “feels badly for” some person or other.

This use of the verb feel is linking and calls for an adjective, like “bad.” When he uses badly, an adverb, it suggests the intransitive use of feel, which would mean he’s not good at touching people.

Wait a minute ...

Andy Fisher

St. Paul