All not reaping economic benefits

We hear it from President Donald Trump almost every day. He brags about how great the economy is doing under his watch. No credit is given to his predecessor who laid the foundation for today’s good times.

Oh yes, good times are being had for all. Really? How then do you explain the homeless population? Why are so many children on free and reduced lunches at school? Why are food pantries so busy? Why do colleges have food pantries for their students? Something just doesn’t seem right.

It seems that some are doing well and others not. Then there’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Fiscal policy theory says that when the economy slows down into recession or worse, it is permissible to spend in the deficit. When the economy recovers, taxes are raised to pay off the red ink that was spent during the hard times.

Seems Congress likes to run up the debt regardless. So we find ourselves running up the national debt during the good Trump times. Here I thought he was such a genius businessman.

The deficit so far this year is $738 billion — on track to become the largest annual deficit ever. Our national debt is presently $22 trillion. We are enjoying these good times on credit. Some day the bills will come due. Interest on the debt is the third-largest item in the federal budget. Who gets the interest? Those folks that play the stock market and some of our foreign friends. Is that you? I’ll bet not.

John Fadness

Chippewa Falls

Decision contrary to our Constitution

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, a Republican or a member of the little green men from Mars. There is a whole segment of our population that has had their rights forcefully removed.

According to our Constitution, we are all guaranteed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, the Supreme Court ruled 46 years ago that a huge segment of the American people may be legally killed.

A baby, 1 month gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 2 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 3 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 4 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 5 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 6 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 7 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 8 months gestation ... legal to kill.

A baby, 9 months gestation ... legal to kill.

And if all this madness isn’t enough, now legislators have decided that should the child happen to survive the attempted demise and is born alive, yes even then, legal to kill.

Oh and let us not forget. There is money to be made here. Lots of money. Easy money. Sell the killed babies for their parts. The clients ask for specific parts, brains are highly valued as are hearts, livers, the pancreas. The list is long. And the prices steep.

Have we gone completely mad? I am not my brother’s keeper. Stiff-necked and hard-hearted, that we are. America has lost its soul. God help us.

Barbara Sippy