We’re too easy on prison population

I cannot believe a person is in prison for cold-blooded murder and he has more rights than a free man. Why? I don’t understand. Our justice system is a joke.

Prisoners live better than most. They get a roof over their heads, three square meals a day, get to watch TV, play on the computer, get a college degree and get to exercise in a nice gym. They can get married and even have conjugal visits, dental care, medical care, etc. I could go on forever but I’d run out of ink and time.

And why does everything have to be done humanely? Did they kill their victims humanely? I’m sorry, but none of this is right.

And if by some miracle they get the death penalty, they die of old age before they are put to death. And last, but not least, why does it cost so much to execute them?

Sue Gullikson

Eau Claire

Students from afar welcomed to region

Monday marked the start of International Student Welcome Week.

This is an exciting time as we greet many international students to Wisconsin’s high schools, colleges and universities. International students greatly enrich the education of our students here at home by growing cultural appreciation, respect and a sense of global citizenship.

To all international students joining us in the coming days and weeks, we welcome you and are happy to call you our neighbors.

Joe Luginbill

Eau Claire