Too many generals?

The Democrats, their staunch media allies and the usual never-Trump Republicans have gone berserk over the resignation of a couple former military generals and the planned withdrawal of 200,000 troops from Syria.

Oops, did I say 200,000 troops? I meant to say about 2,000 military advisers. Then there is the feigned outrage over the planned withdrawal of another 7,000 troops from Afghanistan after we’ve been mired there for 17 years.

Getting back to the resignations, it is my opinion that the Trump administration was way too top-heavy with “generals.” According to the The Atlantic, the last time there were this many Cabinet members who were previously military generals was in the Ulysses S. Grant administration.

The four most prominent on the Trump team were Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, Marine Gen. John Kelly, Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster and Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. Thankfully, all four are now gone. If not mistaken, Flynn lasted only three weeks.

Not that long ago the “rock-star general,” David Petraeus, had a brilliant military career and a Ph.D. from Princeton before becoming CIA director. He resigned in disgrace.

I have the greatest respect for these highly skilled military guys, but that doesn’t mean they were highly skilled in their appointed positions as Trump advisers and Cabinet members. In fact, it must have been quite an adjustment from barking out orders to dutifully obeying orders from a commander in chief who demands that they get on board with his “America First” agenda or hit the road.

It seems to me these recent resignations and firings provide the president with a good opportunity to re-balance civil-military staff. Being schooled in the fine art of war-fighting may not always be the most suitable skill set for moving on to public-sector service.

David Hanvelt

Eau Claire

Wisconsin a ‘giving’ state

What a wonderful and giving state Wisconsin is. It is time for us to thank the Republican Legislature and current governor for all the benefits it has seen fit to give Foxconn.

Not only are we going to give them our hard-earned tax credits for jobs created within the state, but now we will give them tax credits for jobs created outside of the state. One can only wonder how many of the supposedly 13,000 jobs will actually be here in Wisconsin.

In addition one can only wonder what happened to the current governor’s pledge he would see that pre-existing medical conditions would be covered by medical insurance here in the state. Oh well, I guess the Legislature and governor were so busy in the lame duck session they didn’t have time to worry about the health of the common Wisconsin citizen.

And I sure am thankful that no bill was put in place to raise their current pay. I know they put in many long hours to get everything just right.

Happy New Year to all.

Joel Sigel

Chippewa Falls