Building is needed; border wall is not

What’s happened to the idea of working together with tolerance and respect? What’s happened to compromise?

I know I’m not alone in expectation of solutions to some of our troubling issues. I recently heard a pastor suggest that we “make the table longer instead of the wall higher.” We do need to build.

Spending our tax money on walls, more prisons and more weapons doesn’t even fit with our democratic ideals. Yes, building those things contributes to our GDP, but in a very negative way. Doesn’t it make more sense to build things that take care of people? Let’s build housing to end the insecurity of having no home.

Let’s build wages that keep up with the true cost of living. Let’s build an education system where everyone can learn skills to get a job. Let’s build a system of affordable health care that ensures that people are able to work and contribute to our country. Let’s build roads and bridges and internet access for rural areas. Let’s build to ensure that all Americans move forward to a future of democracy — freedom and equality for all.

Janet Frase

Eau Claire