A decidedly complicated issue

Most people can agree that abortion is never desirable.

Presently, there are many state legislatures ramping up their efforts to prohibit the practice of abortion and many have succeeded.

Some may come to the conclusion that if an assembly line industry could be created that would make large profits for corporations and lobbyists could spend enough money to influence legislatures, that simply put, those politicians would sell their souls to make abortion procedures easier to access.

Consider how former Speaker of the House John Boehner flipped on the issue of legalized marijuana.

Former President Bill Clinton had it right when he said abortion should be rare but legal.

Men would not want a politician to tell them that they can’t have a vasectomy if they feel that is the best option for them.

Women, likewise should be able to determine when in crisis how to handle an issue that is complicated.

Life is not a crossword puzzle where the answers are neat and can be found with little effort. It is more like a maze and sometimes has several possible outcomes.

Criminalizing the procedure on the part of health care providers or the women who have to make the decision about a pregnancy is not a fair solution to this struggle.

Ideally men and women should make the decision about a potential child together.

At the end of the day, the buck stops with the woman, as she handles the greater part of the risk and reward.

Let’s take this issue out of the hands of politicians and place it back into the pockets of families, medical practitioners and spiritual or psychological guides.

Vince Pernsteiner

Chippewa Falls